Ipiluni for Congress 2024

My name is Ipiluni (she/they). My name means “she is happy” in Sugt’stun. I am a Alutiiq mother of four young men, I have lived in wealth and poverty, and I have a wider range of experiences than most of the candidates I have seen running for office. In my life, I’ve worked as a professional entertainer, as an educator for home-schooled children, as a single parent, and as an entrepreneur. My educational background ranges from history and Native studies to landscape architecture, to dance.

As an autistic person, I tend to focus on the problems and flaws in an idea, an argument, or a system much more intensely and much more readily than other people. Over the last several years, the politics of this country have given me a lot to focus on. Now that I’ve seen the degree to which our politics are failing Americans, and now that I’ve seen how and why that is the case, I am running a grassroots campaign to represent the 30th District of California in the United States House of Representatives.

Please support my campaign to serve as the representative of District 30 in the House of Representatives. Let’s make the House a place where the voice of the people can be heard.

~ Ipiluni