Watch Out World

This post is for the doubters. The “she doesn’t know what she is getting herself into” people. The lets try and talk her out of it crew. Listen up.

This has been a dream of mine for 25 years. Read that again, 25 YEARS. Moving to California to follow my dreams. I am an actor, a good one too.  I already am somebody. I just want to show the world what I already know. And for years I have let people and situations talk me out of it. For years I put myself last, while putting others I love and care first. That isn’t a bad thing. That is not what I am saying.

I have had one hell of a go at life. My life has had some many rock bottoms, I have invested in a pogo-stick. I think because I was never really happy with the road I was on. That yellow brick road that led to California was there, always taunting me, always reminding me of my dream. But instead of turning left I would turn right. And it would lead onto another unhappy bumpy road. I mean there were good times too. I got married, had a family, which was always another dream of mine. I have amazing children, who love me. But there was always a part of me could not be filled by these things. It wanted more.

So, here I am, in California. I gave up everything I know to be here.  That is why it has to work. That is why I will do anything to make sure that it happens. Up until now, I have been a stay at home mother, homeschooling my kids, being part of their growing up, being part of their lives. They could not come with me to California, their father wouldn’t allow it. So I am here, but my children are not. That is how much I believe in myself. That is a sacrifice I was willing to make. Because I believe in the long run it will be better for everyone. Because my children will have seen it is okay to follow your dreams. It is okay to believe you can do something everyone else thinks you can not. Go prove them wrong!

I gave up so much to come here, my home, my materialistic things, friendships, community, family. I can do nothing more than succeed at this point. I have no other option. I have no where left to go but up. And the world better be ready for me, because here I come.

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