This is a poem I wrote today.  I thought I would share it, since it is Mermaid Monday…


I’ve thought long and hard
About why I don’t fit in
Walking around
Without my fins

You see I once was a mermaid
That lived in the sea
Under the waves is where
One could find me

The world above is
Overwhelming and loud
Under water is peaceful
Like floating upon a cloud

I like the sun
Don’t get me wrong
But rain is best
For Dancing and songs

Speaking of walking or dancing
I am clumsy as can be
Always have bumps and bruises
Upon my knees

Because I am a mermaid
By water I am happiest to call my home
I become severely depressed
When to far from the ocean I roam

My favorite foods
Come from the ocean deep
My tummy doesn’t feel too well
If I eat too much meat.

If I am a mermaid
Why can’t I swim?
It’s harder to do with legs
Instead of fins.

I like to collect things
Beautiful and shiny
Lost things and found things
And things that are tiny

I am an explorer
That’s why I am here
Exploring your world
With delight and fear

Someday I will return to the ocean
That’s where I belong
That is where I am happiest
And can sing my mermaid songs

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