Today, I am coming out of the Autistic Closet. I don’t usually talk about this aspect of my life. It wasn’t that I was keeping this secret. It was that I wasn’t personally prepared to share. I needed to search myself, find my voice and feel more confident in my diagnosis before taking this leap.

I know some of you know, but a majority of you don’t. I have honed my mimic skills so well, it was easy to keep this part of my life under wraps. But not any longer. Why share now? Because I am ready, and I have also started writing a memoir about my life.

This has been and is a huge step for me and this journey is just beginning. Follow me on my social media (Links below) to keep up with my progress and cheer me on. Starving Autist will be a wonderful tale of my life, my losses and my dreams.

Stay connected.

Twitter @starvingautist1

FB @ipiluni

Instagram @ipiluni

Tumblr @ipiluni


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