This Book Won’t Write Itself

“There’s no time like the present.” – so the saying goes. I have decided to take life by the horns and jump in with both feet. It’s time for me to take the plunge…okay, you get the idea. I will stop!

Remember that book I said I was going to write ages ago? I couldn’t even find the blog post for it, it was that long ago. I am starting. Today. This Saturday and every week thereafter I will be releasing one chapter of Weird Academy. I am inviting you all join me for the journey, it’s going to be fun!

Weird Academy is a modern day fantasy filled with magic and mythical creatures. Weird Academy takes place in sunny Malibu, California, at the exclusive Werdyn Academy – a school for The Kind. Fairies, gnomes, giants and mermaids attend this illustrious school, along with the heroine of the tale, Olympia “Ollie” Wilde. Together a group students investigate the mysterious disappearance of a handful of their classmates, bringing many myths to life and teaching a bit about racism without teaching about racism.

I have been working on this book for about six months now, world building, character building and creating a story worth reading. Now it’s time to take all my visions off the paper and bring them to life! I couldn’t be any more excited! I really can not wait to share this with you all.

I will be posting my first 10 chapters on the free section of my Patreon page, and also here on my blog. After that, you would have to become a patron or wait for the book to be released sometimes near Christmas.

If you could share, like and repost this post, it would be greatly appreciated. I am always open to feedback and questions. Don’t forget to check out my Patreon page HERE. Thanks a bunch! ~ Ipiluni

Published by Ipiluni

Mother, Actress, Writer, Voice Over, Renaissance Woman

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