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I have adopted accounts on nearly every social media venue. Am I active on them all? No. As a general rule of thumb, you can find me on every social media venue at @ipiluni. Here’s some links:

This is my Patreon. Mainly about my writing, but also art and film. If you become a patron you would be helping me to write and publish my first book. So please consider helping a girl out!

This is the account I am most active in. I spend a lot of time chatting with the #ActuallyAutistic community. I like to engage them, answer their questions, and ask questions of my own. I engage in the Native communities, the writing community and especially the acting community.

This is one is growing in activity. I am working on using it more as a supplemental blog to this one. It is where I engage the most with people who follow me.

This is my “like” page. A lot of what gets posted here is cross posted from other venues – including this blog. I do try and answer any questions, and I like to be engaging there. If you want to chat, that is a good place to do so.

I spend a lot of time on here. For me, it is an autistic rabbit hole. I get “going” on something I am researching, and I never get out. It is also where I go when I am trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed or I’m running from a meltdown.

This is another one of those rabbit holes. I can spend hours reading about Disneyland, Neil Gaiman and Films. I cross post often on here, but I rarely post directly to it.

I am on SnapChat and TikTok at @ipiluni. I rarely post on these two, but I do like lurking about. Go ahead follow me, and I may follow you back (no promises).

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