About Me

Hello, my name is Ipiluni. Ipiluni means “she is happy” in my native tongue. I strive everyday to live up to my name.

I live in sunny Los Angeles with my service dog and husband. I am an actor, screenwriter, artist and writer trying to make my place in the entertainment industry. So are hundreds of thousands of other people… but I’m autistic. That means just getting through an ordinary day, I have hoops and hurdles that most people can’t even imagine – yet here I am taking on Hollywood?!? Yes, and I have done so many great things already in my short time here. But my real goal is to be an advocate for creative autistic people everywhere. To be a voice for people that are often forgetten or misunderstood.

Right now I’m writing my memoir, and it’s a look back on my life now that I know I am Autistic. It is titled “Starving Autist.” I am also just finished co-writing a feature film with a female autistic lead. I am hoping to normalize autism and break down some of the stereotypes. On occasion I also write poetry, when I have no other way to express my emotions.

Another love of mine is painting and drawing. After years spent ignoring that part of myself, I have finally got a brush back in my hand! I love transferring images in my head to canvas. My current body of work is all painted on three inch canvases or smaller. I play with color and whimsy. It brings me complete joy! I will be posting pictures I have painted on my blog.

I have new web content coming out soon, a podcast in the works, I am doing some singing, trying my hand at stand-up, and I also have two feature films in development. I love just being able to create. So keep checking back. There is so much going on, you don’t want to miss it.