Work It Girl

I am getting married in four months on September 13, 2019. And I want to look my best for my wedding. I am not even looking to be super skinny. I just want to feel comfortable in my body, which I don’t right now. I am worried I waited too long, but better late than […]

Still A Person

Sometimes I sit alone Watching the world float by. It is noisy and fast, it always spins It’s tethered and wild. Even as I sit at home At the point I could cry. Neither the world or I wins I am told my autism is “mild.” But, if you were inside my mind Would you […]

The Autistic and the Ableist

I am actually autistic, but I am also an ableist. Everyday I fight with myself over what I can and can not say. I worry constantly that I am sharing too much of my autistic self. What will the neighbors think?? I worry that I am not being enough of an advocate. If I can’t […]