Find Your Way

Challenge yourself To not conform To the normalcy Set before you. You’ve got to break From what should be, To what could be Letting go of all your fears And years of being led Down that straight line. There’s so much more to life Then being one of the crowd. Stand up for yourself Say […]

Our First Date

I met my Tennyson, my fiance, on OK Cupid. There is always a stigma with saying that, but I digress. We clicked on each other’s profiles and thought “hey, this can’t be too bad.” He was however not the first date from the Cupid. I had been on a handful of dates that ended up […]

An Open Letter to my Friends and Family

Dear Friends and Family, I know I have told most of you, and some of you may not know, that I am autistic. And now that you know, I would like to share some insight. I have been autistic my whole life. It is not something that just happened. I didn’t acquire it. I didn’t […]

Round One, Fight

Working on my memoir has been tough. It is not an easy process. Basically sorting through your dirty laundry, trying to figure out what is salvageable. There have been times when I just have to close my iPad down, and walk away. The biggest issue is the “what ifs” plaguing my every thought. What if […]

Today, I am coming out of the Autistic Closet. I don’t usually talk about this aspect of my life. It wasn’t that I was keeping this secret. It was that I wasn’t personally prepared to share. I needed to search myself, find my voice and feel more confident in my diagnosis before taking this leap. […]

Bullet Point Update

I haven’t written in a minute. There has been so much going on in my life. I felt like I should do a brief bullet point update. I started dating the most fantastic man, and he stayed fantastic and didn’t get creepy. I got a new car, a MINI Cooper!! His name is Loki (he […]