Still A Person

Sometimes I sit alone Watching the world float by. It is noisy and fast, it always spins It’s tethered and wild. Even as I sit at home At the point I could cry. Neither the world or I wins I am told my autism is “mild.” But, if you were inside my mind Would you […]

The Autistic and the Ableist

I am actually autistic, but I am also an ableist. Everyday I fight with myself over what I can and can not say. I worry constantly that I am sharing too much of my autistic self. What will the neighbors think?? I worry that I am not being enough of an advocate. If I can’t […]

Find Your Way

Challenge yourself To not conform To the normalcy Set before you. You’ve got to break From what should be, To what could be Letting go of all your fears And years of being led Down that straight line. There’s so much more to life Then being one of the crowd. Stand up for yourself Say […]

Our First Date

I met my Tennyson, my fiance, on OK Cupid. There is always a stigma with saying that, but I digress. We clicked on each other’s profiles and thought “hey, this can’t be too bad.” He was however not the first date from the Cupid. I had been on a handful of dates that ended up […]