RecluseTuela Films

For the last two years, Selma Price has refused to leave her home. Claiming that her mother was taken by some kind of supernatural “smoke man”, claiming the smoke man threatened to take her too if she didn’t behave as she should, Selma has walled herself away in a one-room apartment. Armed with very little information, living by an increasingly strict and bizarre system of rituals and assumptions, Selma hopes to keep the smoke man away.

When the evil that took Selma’s mother away finally returns, two years later, there is no place left to run.

Time CipherTuela Films

Beau Dean is trying to find her children, after her husband is murdered. The only problem is they have been taken somewhere in time. Her only hope is her employer, the Chronilogical Cipher Corp. and they keep handing her nothing but dead ends. Will she find her children before it is too late?

Lilac – Tuela Films

Starting her life over after being diagnosed later in life with autism, Lilac settles in a new town and struggles to make the community her own.

Touch – Tuela Films

This is an experimental non-scripted film, where two autistics, who have connection issues, decide to brave the world of dating to try and find someone to connect to.


Starving Autist

Memoir that is a look back at my life now that I have been diagnosed as autistic. The things I was starving for make so much more sense, now that I know I operate differently, that my weirdness, was very much a part of me. Everything is a bit clearer in hindsight.

Let’s Be Frank

A raccoon named Frances Procyon has stolen from the King of Crensia and has been banished to the city of Seattle by the King’s Grand Vizier, Scrimore, to live out his punishment as a human. With little memory of who he is and where he came from, Frank has three years to survive in our world. Can he do it?

Awful Ellie

Children’s book to help you to realize that how you see yourself, may not be how someone else sees you.